The Evaluation Process

All entries received by May 31st, 2013 will be evaluated by the Award Committee using the criteria in the brief for nominees.

Up to 10 shortlisted candidates will be presented to the Evaluation Committee made up of senior representatives from industry and academia (members to be announced in April).

The Evaluation Committee will select three nominees who will all be invited to the GEDC Annual Conference in Chicago in October 2013 to present their project. The recipient of the Award will be announced during the conference at a gala dinner dedicated to diversity in engineering.

The Diversity Award Committee

The Diversity Award Committee is responsible for the design of the award process and criteria, and the selection of a shortlist of nominees to be considered. The members are:

Rachel Schroeder - Head of Employment Marketing for Airbus and Head of Employment Marketing Strategy for EADS

Mary Frost - Airbus Senior Expert, Engineering

John Beynon - Dean of Engineering, University of Adelaide, Australia

Alaa K. Ashmawy - Dean of Engineering, American University in Dubai

Laura J. Steinberg - Dean, Syracuse University, College of Engineering and Computer Science, USA

All nominees will be informed of the status of their submission July 2013 when the shortlisted candidates will be announced. The three finalists will be contacted in August 2013.


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